Below are some of the articles and interviews I’ve been featured in. The podcasts are great ways to hear how using intuition changed peoples lives—plus many interviews feature practice exercises you can do now. Start there!

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Click on the soundcould link above to listen to a meditation designed to help you tune into your intuition to get direct guidance about what to do next in your business

The success sense: Intuition for entrepreneurs & professionals

Intuition is crucial to career and business success. Using intuition saves time, exposes you to greater opportunities, and helps you generate more income. While most people recognize that intuition is a powerful resource, not many people are familiar with what being 'intuitive' means or how they can use this ability to help their career. By working intuitively you connect with your soul purpose and the energy of the Divine. Through this connection you have the ability to receive insights and innovative ideas that move you leaps and bounds ahead of what others are doing in your industry. You receive these intuitive insights all the time though you may not realize it! In this book learn how to recognize and understand your intuition and access your soul power to create the results you desire. You will learn simple and practical intuitive tools to: 

  • Manifest your desired success in an accelerated timeframe 

  • Attract the money, clients, and opportunities you desire 

  • Know when to take risks that will help your business thrive 

  • Understand the difference between your imagination and your true intuitive guidance 

  • Honor your true soul purpose and do work that matters

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The Mind Love Podcast - episode 032

I talked with Melissa Monte of the Mind Love Podcast about what intuition actually looks and feels like and how to strengthen these skills. Listen to learn:

  1. How to recognize our intuition beyond “trusting our gut”

  2. How to tell the difference between intuition and imagination

  3. An exercise to actively manifest something specific

I also speak to how I work with clients now and the results they’ve gotten using their intuition and what it’s like to wake up suddenly psychic.

Click the above image to listen to the episode

Click the above image to listen to the episode

Click the above image to listen to the episode!

Click the above image to listen to the episode!

the Well woman SHOW with giovanna rossi - episode 109

In this interview with Giovanna Rossi Pressley I talked about what intuition is and how we can access it to create the life we want.  On this show we actually wen through an intuitive process for listeners to get guidance themselves.  Plus, all listeners are given access to my one-sheet "Intuition 101" handout which talks about how to tell the difference between Intuition and Imagination and How to Strengthen Intuition.  

Click on the above image to listen to the episode

Click on the above image to listen to the episode

marketing to crush your competitors with fabienne raphael - episode 280

I had fun in this interview with Fabienne Raphael who has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur On Fire, and several other television and media outlets.  Fabienne interviewed me on how entrepreneurs can use intuition to make key business decisions plus we talked about what it means to be 'woo-woo'.  

Click on the image above to listen to this episode

Click on the image above to listen to this episode

the no-name brand podcast by brandsashka - episode 92

In this episode we talk I talk with Sashka about the importance of doing what you want, how to stop being hard on yourself, and how to use intuition to connect with your own Spirit. This show we really went deep about why intuition is important and why some people appear to be ‘chosen’ for success while others fail.

Soul Roadmap by Dina Cataldo

episode 3: How to Cultivate Your Intuition to Get What You Want

In this episode we talk about what intuition is and how to really develop your inner insight to get what you want. Plus I learn more about Dina, a lawyer who has developed her own method of working with intuition. Listen here:

episode 29: Cultivating an abundance mentality

In this episode we talk about what abundance is. What does it mean to be abundant? How can we increase abundance in any area of our lives? Why is it so hard to get what we want sometimes? Plus Dina and I spend too much time talking about our other love: comic books and Chris Claremont’s X-Men run. Listen here: