I have been guided by Spirit to help other professional healers become centers of influence in their industry to expand their healing reach and make a significant impact in the world.  If you are reading this right now then you probably have three things in common with the vast majority of my clients:

  1. You have a very real genius, talent, or skill that uplifts, inspires, or helps people
  2. You have a strong calling and desire to uplift, inspire, or help people through your work and
  3. You’re really (really) psychic

I understand that the word ‘psychic’ might trigger doubt, annoyance, or other negative associations in you.  Let’s be real with each other.  You might not label yourself as psychic or intuitive but you probably have had a strong ‘sense’ about things all of your life, a gut feeling, a clear knowing of how things are, when to act and what to do.  You’ve also probably been supporting many people most of your life, even when you were a child, taking care of friends, family members, or even strangers emotionally or physically.   

If you are in tune with your intuitive ability then at some point in your life you might have experienced times of instant manifestation where you had the ability to get almost anything.  All you had to do was want it and somehow ‘it’ would be given to you.  Many of my clients have already experienced chance-of-a-lifetime opportunities in this way, advancing far in their career, having profound metaphysical experiences, or even achieving fame much more quickly and much more easily than most people.  And this is even before they meet me!

I share this because you have the ability more than anyone else in the world to create exactly what you wish to experience in your career (and life in general).  When you know how to access your inner wisdom correctly you attract the best resources, systems, alliances, and support to help you carry out your vision.  Is that your current experience?    If not, do you want it to be?

As a healer you are sensitive and more susceptible to being energetically manipulated.  Ironically, the stronger you become as a healer, the more these manipulations rise to the surface.  When this happens you still manifest but your manifestations are distorted by the energy of pain and limitation.  This results in:

  • Having to work harder than you ever have before for mediocre results
  • Not being able to reach a higher level of success in your work
  • You suddenly can’t help your clients or business partners move beyond challenges when you could in the past
  • Getting great opportunities but not being able to ‘close the deal’ and bring those opportunities into fruition (two steps forward, three steps back)
  • Getting scammed 
  • Being falsely accused or unfairly targeted/blamed 
  • Falling out with mentors, friends, and old support systems
  • Attracting clients, business partners, and others that drain you
  • Feeling trapped or stuck with no easy way out
  • Having more frequent moments of low self esteem, fear, or other extreme negativity that convince you you’re about to fail
  • Feeling like your intuition is suddenly broken and you’re lost or confused about what to do next
  • Having nightmares or lucid dreams where you feel restricted or terrorized
  • Experiencing health, financial, or relationship problems

You and I working together will activate your deeper healing abilities and strengthen your connection with Spirit to

  • Permanently attune yourself to a higher level of consciousness and expand your creativity, inspiration, and ability to manifest
  • Learn how Spirit communicates with you so you get clear guidance about what decisions to make and what actions to take on your own
  • Learn how to ‘power-up’ and protect yourself and your company from manipulation, energy drainers, and your own ego
  • Dissolve and release harmful energies currently holding you back
  • Break the cycle of having to suffer emotionally, financially, or physically carry out your vision
  • Release addictions to fear, anger, worry, unrequited love, and unrequited abundance
  • Stop sabotaging and heal relationships between you and romantic partners, business associates, family, and friends
  • Know instantly who has your back and who is toxic to you
  • Attract phenomenal opportunities and new partnerships in alignment with what you truly wish to experience and ‘close the deal’ on them!
  • Gain greater trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Manifest what you want to experience in an accelerated timeframe
  • Get clear guidance around business decisions, partnerships, opportunities
  •  Get clear guidance about other aspects of your life path (if you choose)

Call/text me at 505-234-6835 or Contact me through this website to schedule a strategy call to see how I can support you!