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Well Woman Radio Podcast 

In this interview with Giovanna Rossi Pressley I talked about what intuition is and how we can access it to create the life we want.  On this show we actually wen through an intuitive process for listeners to get guidance themselves.  Plus, all listeners are given access to my one-sheet "Intuition 101" which talks about how to tell the difference between Intuition and Imagination and How to Strengthen Intuition.  Check out the interview here: 

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Talk Show

In this interview with Amber-Rose Thomas I talk about how to use intuition for business success and the reasons why we should embrace our mistakes.  I promised listeners of her podcast a copy of "How To Use Your Intuition To Get Business Guidance" (click on the picture to download the document.  Listen to the interview here:  

Marketing To Crush Your Competitors Podcast

I had fun in this interview with Fabienne Raphael who has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur On Fire, and several other television and media outlets.  Fabienne interviewed me on how entrepreneurs can use intuition to make key business decisions plus we talked about what it means to be 'woo-woo'.  Check out the interview here:


In this interview with Melisa Alaba I go into detail about what it means to be led by Spirit versus pushing and pushing to get ahead and how this benefits us in all areas of our lives including business and career.