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Live In Your Power: Channeled Healing Workshop

Too often people believe that intuition and mediumship in about connecting with the dead or predicting the future.  In truth these tools are ways to connect with the power of our soul and greater energy of the Divine.  Connecting to this energy heals us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and also can affect the physical body.  Everyone has the ability to do this. 

This means that you already have the strength, knowledge and resources to create the life you desire, to truly love yourself, and attract love and abundance in all ways.  But will you? Or will you choose to live in the limitations of someone else's energy? 

In this workshop you will learn how to strengthen your soul connection to your inner power and to the Divine.  

You will also learn how to separate your true energy from the energy of pain and limitation and practice connecting with the Divine energy.  While in this energetic space each person will receive special vibrational codes to attune their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic vibrations to love, abundance, healing, and joy.  

From this place you will: 

  • Release the blocks and fear holding you back
  • Receive clarity and specific guidance about what actions to take in your situation
  • Strengthen your intuition and learn the difference between intuition and imagination
  • Receive messages directly from the Divine and learn how to understand intuitive guidance for yourself
  • Some participants will also receive a mini-intuitive reading from Candice during the workshop

If you are tired of seeing the same patterns repeat in your life and ready to overcome lack, fear, and negativity this interactive workshop is for you.  Come to this event to trade your problems for miracles and embrace the creator within.

Date: Saturday, September 24, 2016
Time:  1:00 - 4:00 PM
Price:  $45 if paid in advance (register below), $55 at the door  
NOTE: There are no refunds issued once payment is made but unused balances can be applied to future workshops or services.
Location:  The Gateway, 2507 S. Barrington Avenue , West Los Angeles, CA  90064


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Back To Blessings (Spirit Presents)

Spirit Presents is a weekly meeting group facilitated by Barbara Snowden that features different spiritual leaders who share their gifts and insights with the community. 

You have the ability, knowledge, and resources to manifest your desires right now.  But will you?  Or will you choose to live in the limitations of someone else's energy?

Join Candice Thomas for a group trance healing experience where you will strengthen your soul connection to your inner power and to the Divine.  Candice will teach you how to separate your true energy from the energy of pain and limitation.  She will then lead a guided meditation for everyone to connect with the Divine energy.  While in this energetic space each person will receive special vibrational codes to attune their physical, mental, emotional, and energetic vibrations to love, abundance, healing, and joy.  
From this place you will release the energies, blocks, and fear keeping you stuck and holding you back from your full health and happiness.  You will also receive messages directly from the Divine.  For every person this experience will be unique.  
Come to this presentation to embrace the creator within and open yourself to receiving more blessings!

No previous meditation, channeling, or intuitive experience required. 

For more details about Spirit Presents visit

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Intuitive Coach Training Program

In this special Intuitive Coach Training program there will be 22 meetings: 12 group lectures and 10 private one-on-one mentor sessions where I meet privately with each person to help them become strong intuitive coaches.  The training will teach the basics of how to:

  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit and stand in your spiritual power 
  • Use your own intuition to guide your clients and staff toward success in an accelerated time frame
  • Get tools to empower your clients to take responsibility for their own actions 
  • Set proper boundaries to hold healing space for your clients without having to 'rescue' or 'save' them
  • Work with Spirit to dissolve and clear underlying energies keeping you, your staff, and/or clients stuck 
  • Use your intuition to ‘see' obstacles before they occur so you can minimize and defuse negative situations
  • Avoid the common traps many entrepreneurs (and intuitives!) experience
  • Attract high end clients and charge correctly for services 
  • Create workshops and programs to teach others how to be intuitive for themselves
  • Receive ongoing support as you take action steps outside of your comfort zone 

This will be a highly interactive program where you will be expected to practice tools and techniques that you learn with your existing clients.  If you don't have current clients you will be expected to get volunteers for practicing these techniques.   

The group will meet via online webinar and/or telephone conference calls.  All webinars and phone calls will be recorded and e-mailed out to the group for those who can't attend live.

For more information: Click here

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Lets Manifest...

Location: Online (LA Talk Radio Channel 1): Mary Baca's Remotely Unique)
Date: Monday, June 27, 2016
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM MST  (12:00 - 1:00 PM PST)

Join me on Channel 1 of LA Talk Radio where I'll be taking live calls and talking about how to manifest what you desire using intuition. The live call-in number is 1-323-203-0815. If you have a specific challenge to manifesting or if you have questions about the manifestation process in general please call in.

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to May 1

Introduction to Mediumship Intensive Weekend

  • 1704 Moon St Suite 9 Albuquerque NM 87112 USA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

In this two-day intensive training program, learn how to be an empowered messenger for Spirit and hold the space for healing yourself and others. You will learn the basics of understanding your mediumship gifts and practice tuning into the spirit world to deliver accurate and meaningful messages. This program is designed for beginners but is open to all skill levels.

Price: $397 

More information is here:

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Stand In Your Power

In every moment we operate from the brilliance of our soul or the pain of our limiting beliefs and emotions.  If you’ve been unable to manifest what you desire in your life it’s because you’re living in pain instead of standing in your power. 

In this interactive workshop, learn how to engage your intuition to stand in your power and practice accessing your soul guidance to receive clear action steps to manifest your dreams, big or small, in the safest and fastest way possible.  You will also learn the difference between imagination and intuition and how to accelerate getting results. 

Location: Conscious Life Expo 2016 - Newport B Conference room
This workshop is free with a day pass to the Conscious Life Expo 

For more information visit


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Intuitive Training Program

  • Teleconference (long distance required) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This special training program is for practicing intuitive healers and psychics or anyone who wishes to expand their ability to be of service by strengthening their intuition.  This training will lay the foundation for connecting with Spirit and the energy of your client's highest potential and greatest need, allowing you to:

  • Give empowered guidance that motivates and inspires your staff and your clients to clearly see their true Divine Vision
  • Hold the space for clients as they navigate through challenges and successfully guide them toward reaching their goals and getting the tangible results they desire

Location: Teleconference (phone only - long distance service required)

More Information:

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Healing Tools For Empaths (online)

Empathic people have a greater sensitivity to the energy around them. This allows them to be very intuitive and connected to Spirit. However, many empaths are easily overwhelmed by the energy of other places, situations, and people. Symptoms of this include feeling drained, constantly attracting difficult people or situations, or having frequent moments of self-doubt, fear, or confusion.  

Participate in this workshop to learn how you can use your empathic ability to access miracles such as greater healing, manifesting what you truly desire, and attracting loving and supportive relationships without taking on the pain or discomfort of others. You will learn how to: 

  • Clear your energy
  • Set proper boundaries to avoid absorbing other people's 'stuff'  
  • Stand strong in your spiritual power

Price: $25


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Intuition vs Imagination (online)

Join Intuitive Coach Candice Thomas on as she explains what intuition is and how to recognize the signs from your intuition. Plus learn how to tell the difference between true intuitive guidance and your imagination.

Price: Free
Join the class here:

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Intuitive Coaching for Entrepreneurs: Heal Your Relationship With Receiving

Are you really open to receive prosperity and abundance?  Or are you in the trap of working hard and waiting for a miracle that never seems to come?  Working hard is not the secret to success--in fact, there are many entrepreneurs who work very hard but see little return on the amount of time and money they put into their business.  This happens because many people are conditioned to believe that they don't deserve to have an 'easy' life full of miracles and abundance.  Learn how to:

  • Heal your relationship with money and get paid what your services are truly worth
  • Get clients who honor what you do and are happy to pay you full price for your services
  • Avoid the subtle energy traps many entrepreneurs fall into that attract financial stress and difficult clients
  • Understand your intuition so that you accelerate your ability to generate more income in a heart centered and authentic way

Price: $125
Location:  Crystal Dove, 525 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque NM

For more information or to register contact Candice at 505-234-6835 or

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