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Intuitive Coaching For Entrepreneurs: Intuitive Planning

Intuition is key for having a successful business yet many business owners don't trust their natural intuitive ability enough to reach their highest potential.  In this workshop learn how to combine yourintuition with practical business planning skills to create a solid business plan for your business in 2016.  Learn how to:

  • Set clear intentions based on what you wish to experience
  • Use your intuition to see what's been holding your business back and what's needed to create the business results you desire
  • Understand your intuition so that you accelerate your ability to generate more income in a heart centered and authentic way
  • Receive specific guidance for your unique situation

Presented by intuitive coach Candice Thomas.  Clients who have coached with Candice have increased their income, created unique programs in their industry, and gone to the next level of success in their business.  For more information or to register contact Candice at505-234-6835 or

Price $125
Location: Crystal Dove, 525 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque NM 87102

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30-Day Accelerate!

Fast-track your success!

If you're working hard and providing your best level of service yet you aren't generating the income you desire or getting the exposure you need to reach your perfect clients and customers then you are manifesting from the 'slow lane'.  You may reach all of your business goals but it will take you a significant amount of time to go to the level of success you truly desire.  Realistically, many entrepreneurs in this situation will burn out well before this without getting help.

This special entrepreneur and almost-preneur group will give you the tools to fast-track your success by teaching you how to use your intuition to let go of the actions and beliefs that are slowing down your progress and discover the actions and behaviors that will truly propel your business forward.  By meeting for eight hours over a 30-day period you will get specific tools to help you work smarter, not harder.  You will also receive support from other members of the group and be held accountable for taking actions to reach your specific business goal.  

The group takes place on four Monday evenings, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM MST via teleconference.  All calls will be recorded and sent to participants.  

Details can be found here: 30-Day Accelerate

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Intuitive Coaching For Entrepreneurs: Honor Your Power

This series of workshops is specifically for entrepreneurs who have the desire to be of service to others and want to experience financial success.  I don't mean 'enough to get by' but true prosperity.  These intense sessions will help to move you out of the vibration of settling for ‘good enough’ and into the vibration of doing your bigger spiritual work. 

This month's topic is Honor Your Power

Learn about the energy of being of service and how to ground the energy of your soul purpose through the power of your ‘give.’  Giving means the focus is always on how you can be of the highest and best service to others.  The more that you give, the more will be given back to you.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to talk about what you do in a way that speaks to your spiritual truth and immediately attracts your best clients
  • Ground the energy of your intention into increasing your income
  • Use your intuition to price yourself correctly and know when to raise prices
  • Create the best packages for your clients to give them the highest level of service without draining you
  • Understand and follow the cycle of your own energy and your business to make proper decisions at the right time

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