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Intuitive Coaching Intensive

In this interactive workshop for practicing psychics, channelers, and psychic mediums learn how to move beyond traditional forms of reading (i.e. predictions and connecting to the afterlife) into how to use your mediumship to help clients create the lives they want. Learn and practice simple tools to ‘see’ what’s actually holding a client back from experiencing the health, relationships, career success, or other results they desire and help them move past these hardships by keeping them empowered (without you being drained). Best of all practice these techniques with your classmates and release your own current challenges and blocks. Participants will also learn about the logistics of intuitive coaching such as how to price, how to structure sessions, and how to find clients.

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The Spring Energy Event - Developing Possibilities With Intuition

You hold the answers in your hands, right now.

Intention holds the key to your results. Intending, right now, that you will grow both self and your mission in the world by choosing bravely, wisely, with a renewed sense of purpose and adventure is a great first step. Getting yourself out of the way is a perpetual one; and lucky you, as part of this amazing energy community, you have lots of friends and colleagues to turn to, for what you don’t want to carry with you in to 2019. (So reach out to them?)

The Spring Energy Event (SEE) is an annual gathering for Energy Healing Practitioners, held in the greater NYC area, serving the NE USA and Tappers worldwide. This year we're near Morristown, NJ, convenient to the Newark International Airport.

Our gathering is a non-commercial community-building experience over one weekend a year.

Join us, April 5-8 for the seventh annual spectacular known as The Spring Energy Event! This year our theme is POSSIBILITY. 

Location: Morrison, New Jersey, USA Price: Varies

For more details and to register, visit:

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to Apr 28

Intuitive Development Workshop - Albuquerque

  • 119 Industrial Avenue Northeast Albuquerque, NM, 87107 United States (map)
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Intuition is more than just ‘trusting your gut’.  When we use our intuition we have the ability to create the lives we desire the most in the easiest and fastest way possible.  Real talk?  Most people are alreadyusing their intuition.  They just don’t know it.  They especially don’t know how to use it on purpose to help themselves. This is especially true if you’re the person who:

  • Constantly helps other people overcome their challenges and yet you can’t ever seem to figure out how to help yourself 

  • Have moments where you get flashes of the future that turn out to be accurate but can’t seem to do it on purpose when you want

  • Sometimes see/feel/hear beings in the Spirit world 

  • Are drawn to learning more about psychic, mediumship, and/or channeling

We are offering a 2-day workshop to give you the tools you need to easily and consistently use your intuition to release emotional wounds, connect to your purpose with clarity, and create the life you desire.  

Day 1:  Saturday April 27th  -  Intuition 101

In this highly interactive workshop you will learn the basics for how to access and use your intuition.  You will also practice accessing your intuition in a fun and safe way, allowing you to learn: 

  1. What your specific intuitive abilities are and how to get specific guidance for yourself (and others)

  2. How to tell the difference between your intuition and imagination 

  3. Simple tools to strengthen your intuition and build trust while releasing fear

  4. The basics of how to use intuition to create the life you want 

  5. The basics of how to use intuition to connect into your angels, spirit guides, and loved ones in Spirit (mediumship)

No previous intuitive experience is necessary to participate in Day 1.


Day 2:  Sunday April 28th  -  Intuition 2.0

Building on what you learned on Day 1 on Day 2 you will practice using your intuition for healing and manifestation.  If you are already familiar with the basics, you can hop directly into this class.  In this workshop we will deep dive into showing you how to:

  1. Get clear insights about the confusion, fear, and/or other challenges holding you back and release those challenges

  2. Stop being drained if you’re an empath or sensitive to other people 

  3. Level up your ability to receive more specific intuitive information 

  4. Get individual attention from Candice and Jondi to help you with a specific challenge or manifestation goal 

Investment:  $125 for each day or sign up for both days by April 1stfor $199.  

 It is not necessary to attend both days of the workshop though basic intuitive knowledge is needed to participate in Day 2.  If you have any questions please connect with us at candice@candicethomasintuitive.

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Pre-Valentines Day Call

Tis the season that I’m sure you’re hearing the same-o relationship advice with classic hits like: 
“Just love yourself more”
“Practice Self Care”
“Put yourself out there”
“Stop looking” 
“Open your heart”
“Set boundaries” 
“Stop being so picky”
“Write a list of intentions about what you want” 

All this advice and none of this advice works for someone. The key is really understanding what your goals are, what your truth is, and your real challenges. Whether it’s finding a love relationship or healing a friendship or even repairing a marriage there is not one answer or one way to create the experience you want. Many times what people feel comfortable doing is the exact opposite of what will bring them the relationships they desire.

On Monday February 11th at 10 am MST I will be doing a free live online workshop with Jondi Whitis where we deep dive into your specific relationship goals and give you the clear and specific steps to create that experience. Instead of random feel good advice we will look at your challenges and give you the intuitive guidance and actual tools to help you stop whatever old patterns or loops are preventing you from having the relationships you desire.

In order to participate register for this event at:

Price: FREE (for those who register)

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