How I met Candice was total divine spirit. Hard to believe coming from a left-brain analytical. I truly believe that my son who committed suicide at the tender age of 20 sent Candice. Three days after Nicholas committed suicide my friend, whom I hadn’t kept in touch with probably for 7 - 8 years told me that she would be going to a “reading” and wanted to see if Nick would come through. She asked if I would be opposed to her beckoning his spirit. I said, “of course not!” When something like this happens you look for any and all answers and explanations. Where is he? Is he safe? Is he warm? Is he loved? That night Nick did come through Candice. She knew things and relayed things that only he would know I would understand. My friend relayed this information back to me and it just shocked me. This prompted me to research this Candice person a little more. I attended a group session hoping Nick would present to me, not just through my girlfriend. I was again just shocked. Who would know that mental illness ran on the man’s side of my family? Who would know that I had the letters JACK in the primary colors in wood prominently displayed in my kitchen? Who would know that I lost my mother-in-law, who was a mother to me, at the same time I asked for a divorce? Who would know this? Candice. I had never met her before. I told her nothing. She at that point, knew my spirit better than I did. What I love about her is she is willing to share her gift so that any one of us can communicate with spirit just as I am learning. I have also trusted her to help me intuitively as my co-creator. I am constantly and consistently in awe of the miracles that we have worked together. She pushes me to where I am sometimes I am afraid to go. Her phone calls are timed absolutely perfectly in the middle of the day. How would anyone know I needed assurance for just a brief moment? Who else would know that I needed to be reminded of the greatness of the work I have chosen as a spiritual life coach. She has propelled me on to a stage with authors I have only read; she has opened doors through her belief in me and my universal purpose. I am sitting here, in a puddle of tears, because it took the death of my son, and her keen sense of spirit and intuitive gift she has been given to be put in my path at this very exact moment. I hope, if you are contemplating hiring Candice as your personal coach, you will choose to do so. This has been the best financial decision I have made to date.
— Angie Corbett Kuiper
I’ve been in business for over 25 years and a business owner for 12 of those years. The first 10 months of 2015 were really difficult for me. To coin a phrase, January through October were “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Months” I felt as if I were in a holding pattern, unable to land but, forced to circle, and circle the landing strip, as the fuel gauge continued to move closer and closer to empty.

Like most business owners that survived the 2008 market crash, we all feel very proud to still be in business, because to do so, it took courage and determination to withstand all the market changes that were shaking the very foundation of what it had taken years to build. Metaphorically speaking, the period of recovery (2008 – 2012) was similar to learning to walk again after being paralyzed and unable move your legs to for a period of time. it was as if you needed physical therapy in order to re-learn your business center of gravity. And to reacquaint yourself with “ equilibrium” which in this case represents financial stability which for many businesses was an uphill climb…. Straight up!

Needless to say, my business had been Surviving … Not Thriving and I had become pessimistic and stuck in my thinking!! Simply put, I was at a standstill. My immediate business challenge was how to stimulating my short term financial growth. I had a sound strategy for the long term, but absolutely no steady stream of projects for the short term which dramatically impacted my cash flow. My wife, who also is the CFO for our company, suggested that I consider meeting with her intuitive mentor, Candice Thomas. I had heard nothing but extremely positive comments from my wife regarding Candice and the fact that she was held in such high regarded by my wife, was enough for me to agree to schedule an appointment with her. I was also intrigued that Candice had a business and financial background, a very unique skillset for an intuitive coach to have.

I had my first meeting with Candice in July of this year and since that time there has been a dramatic shift in my attitude and the direction of my business. After leaving my very first meeting with her, I knew things were going to change for the better. She assigned homework and there were specific goals that I had to work on to help clarify my intentions for how I wanted my business to behave. Furthermore, she worked with me on shifting my energy in order to help me manifest my goals quicker. What I have experienced in working with Candice has literally ”Blown My Mind”. She helped me to change my attitude, therefore my business has virtually taken a 360 degree turn for the better.

There is so much to be said about the changes that Candice has helped me to make. But, if I were to go into detail, I would spoil the adventure that anyone who works with her would have, and that I will not do. So what I will say is, I personally will work with Candice indefinitely. Business today is so competitive and life as a business owner is demanding. I am a firm believer that in order to be your very best, you must learn to be to 100% present. Present Physically, Present Emotionally and Present Spiritually…. Yes I said SPIRITUALLY.

If you are willing to look your patterns behavior straight in the face and not be afraid to change… I suggest that Candice Thomas is the personal coach for you! She is a wonderful and talented Coach who will help you prepare to win in business and in life.
— Wardell Jeffries
Working with Candice Thomas has been one of the best investments thus far for my business. I didn’t just see an increase in business, my business exploded!

Her intuitive guidance blended with the practical action steps she has given me have propelled my company forward. As a business owner you’re very guarded and protective of your business. It’s rare to come across an individual who will become just as vested in helping you achieve your dream as you are. If you’re fortunate enough to have her take you on as a client, she’ll fast become one of your most valuable team members!
— Mashell Tabe
I can’t say enough about Candice Thomas. She is such an amazingly soul! She has such a gentle and calming demeanor that I always feel comfortable talking with her. I have had two readings with Candice, and she has connected with several of my loved ones on the other side. She also taught me a lot about the spirit world and my spirit guides. My most recent reading with Candice was profound, and I would even go so far to say it was life changing. My grandfather, mom, dad and sister all came through with messages from the other side. I could validate everything that came through to me. The most amazing thing about this reading is that I actually felt like I was having a conversation with my mother, who passed away 34 years ago.... I actually got chills and I knew my mom was telling me things I needed to hear from her.... The messages passed to me from my mom through Candice were deep and real and they gave me a sense of peace... I experienced a great feeling of peace and comfort during and after my reading. Candice is truly gifted, and if I were not a believer, which I am, Candice would surely make one out of me
— Lori Mann