Hello!  My name's Candice and I was a supervisor and financial analyst in the Federal government for 15 years.  About 10 years into my federal career, my intuitive and mediumship gifts suddenly reawakened.  The experience led me on a path to understand the nature of intuition, Spirit, and soul purpose.  I have spent several years since that time giving mediumship and intuitive readings and soon realized that the vast majority of my clients were very psychic themselves but didn't know it!  They were in industries like health, beauty, corporate, entertainment, and government.  I found that by teaching them how to access their own intuition and use it to heal problems on a psychic level they started experiencing phenomenal results very quickly, such as healing relationships with their spouse, shifting from nearly shutting down their business to being featured on television and national magazines or unlocking strong mediumship and healing abilities.

This is why I say that being psychic is less about predicting the future and more about creating it.  Everyone is intuitive yet this inherent ability is mocked, ignored, and generally misunderstood.  I have come to realize that many professional psychics and mediums themselves are also unclear and skeptical about the true extent of our abilities and the power we have to change the world.  This is what drives me to teach the deeper aspects of intuition and how we can use our gift in all aspects of our lives. 

I trust that you find something of value on my website.  There are no coincidences or mistakes; if you made it here, you're here for a reason.

Many blessings to you!

Pictured: Candice Thomas  Photograph by Terri Dean

Pictured: Candice Thomas  Photograph by Terri Dean

Being psychic is less about predicting the future and more about creating it.