Books by Candice Thomas:

The Success Sense:  Intuition for Entrepreneurs and Professionals
Intuition is crucial to career and business success. Using intuition saves time, exposes you to greater opportunities, and helps you generate more income. While most people recognize that intuition is a powerful resource, not many people are familiar with what being 'intuitive' means or how they can use this ability to help their career. By working intuitively you connect with your soul purpose and the energy of the Divine. Through this connection you have the ability to receive insights and innovative ideas that move you leaps and bounds ahead of what others are doing in your industry. You receive these intuitive insights all the time though you may not realize it! In this book learn how to recognize and understand your intuition and access your soul power to create the results you desire. You will learn simple and practical intuitive tools to:

  • Manifest your desired success in an accelerated timeframe
  • Attract the money, clients, and opportunities you desire
  • Know when to take risks that will help your business thrive
  • Understand the difference between your imagination and your true intuitive guidance
  • Honor your true soul purpose and do work that matters

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The "Divine Vision" Meditation from The Success Sense is below: