How To Have A Great Psychic Reading

We all need help navigating from time to time...

We all need help navigating from time to time...

For the past week I’ve seen several ads for different psychic services and hotlines on television promising things like the ‘best psychic reading of your life.’  In addition there are popular YouTube channels featuring famous psychic and psychic mediums giving accurate readings.  The result is that I’ve been getting more and more clients who in the past never would have considered coming to an intuitive.

It’s great to see more people interested in legitimate spiritual services. Enough people are going to psychics that we’ve become a 2 billion dollar industry.   Even when the economy tanks for the rest of the country, people still go to psychics and mediums.   

There’s a good chance you may get a psychic reading in your lifetime or at least seriously consider it.  Before you make an appointment, here are five tips to make sure you get the best results you can:

1)   Be clear about why you are seeing a psychic and what you want from the reading. 

  • What do you really want to know?

  • Why is that important to you?

  • What do you really want to experience in your life?

  • What help do you need to do that?

When you start getting clear about what you would like to receive, your Spirit begins attracting the right psychics and mediums that can help you.  By asking the questions above you can also see where you may actually need professional business, legal, medical, or mental help.  A psychic reading alone won’t change your life—only you can do that. 

2)   Use common sense and your own intuition to choose a psychic or medium who can help you with what you want.
Once you know why you want to see a psychic choose a person who can help you.  Different psychics are great at different things.  For example, one person may specialize in finding lost objects while another person gives stellar predictions.  Here are some (not all!) of the most common types of readers (many psychics do more than one of these):

  • Future-tellers/Prophecy – psychics who specialize in giving predictions about the future; the best can give specific information such as locations, time frames, and will usually be able to give specific information about what’s happening in your life right now; psychics who truly give prophecy do predictions on a global scale with high specificity and accuracy

  • Psychic Mediums – connect with people who have died and gone to the Other Side and give specific evidential information about those in Spirit and messages of love and healing

  • Intuitive Counselors/Coaches – Similar to future-tellers in that they can see probable future events and what is happening in your current life but the focus is on how you use your intuition to create what you desire; there are many specialists within this category that only focus on finance, entrepreneurship, relationships, grief, or other areas.

  • Medical Intuitives – Specialize in physical and/or mental issues—they are not a replacement for seeing a doctor but may enhance healing.

  • Psychic Detectives – Use their abilities to locate people, objects, and even solve crime.

  • Animal Communicators – Specialize in communicating with animals and can help with pet issues. There are many specialists in this field, including medical animal intuitives who work primarily with the physical health of animals

Price has nothing to do with the quality of a psychic—the worst psychic reading I ever had was free.  I’ve had many great psychic readings that ranged in price from free to a $1,500 90 minute session.  Most of my clients say when they saw me or read my book there was something that compelled them to reach out to me.  They just knew they had to work with me.   It should feel the same when you’re choosing a psychic.  If you’re considering someone and you feel indifferent or even get ‘bad vibes’ from them, don’t work with them. 

There are many different titles that psychics use like ‘intuitive,' ‘channeler,' ‘spirit communicator,’ etc..  In addition, some psychics use tools like tarot or runes and some mediums may want to see a photograph of the person in Spirit you want to connect with.  Other psychics and mediums don't use any tools at all.  No way is better than the other.  When choosing a psychic the titles and tools that they use aren't as important as what kind of services they give and your gut reaction when you are reading or hearing a description of those services.  

3)   Be open during a reading.
Fear of having a cold reading by a fraud can lead to people shutting down during a reading.  A person may think, ‘I’ll listen if you prove that you’re psychic.’  They are putting up an energetic barrier that actually may make it more difficult for psychics to give a great reading.  This is especially true in mediumship where the energy of the person receiving the reading is needed to help call in their loved ones in Spirit. To be open in a reading:

  • Breathe. (And keep breathing!) When some people are stressed they tend to hold their breath. If you’re having a reading for the first time it may be very stressful.

  • Be Present. This means being mindful of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking during the reading. The more present that you are the more you will also receive intuitive hits as your psychic gives information.

  • If you have specific questions, ask them. Not being clear about what you want can sometimes put all of the pressure on the psychic to figure out what you’re after. Specific questions give your psychic an anchor point to pull in detailed information for you. Sometimes you may not know what you want—in that case, make sure you ask for ‘what’s in my highest and best interest to know right now’

  • Minimize ‘Prove It’ questions. Psychics are human beings. Asking questions to ‘prove’ their gift can put pressure on a psychic to be right instead of being of service. When a psychic is concerned too much about being right, their minds can distort the messages received from Spirit. In mediumship ‘prove it’ questions look like this, ‘if it’s really my mother what was her favorite song?’ If the medium has no connection to your mother’s kind of music they may not be able to answer that! This doesn’t mean that you can’t ask these type of questions but be mindful of the effect these questions may have on your reader.

  • Be respectful. Give your full attention to the reading and be mindful of your body language and how you’re speaking.

4)   Stay In Your Power
Some people go to psychics looking for permission to do what they dream of doing.    Depending on what the psychic says they may be motivated into action or devastated into inaction.  This is handing your power away.  Don’t give someone else the ability to tell you what you can or can’t experience.  Predictions are just probabilities based on where your energy is right now.  Your energy is made up of your thoughts, subconscious beliefs, intentions, emotions, and much more.  The minute you change your mind, the minute you change your reality.  Including your future.  Psychic readings are very useful in helping you to create the future you desire not just predict it.  To do this:

  • Ask active instead of passive questions. Instead of asking passive questions like ‘will this happen to me’ ask active questions like ‘how do I make this happen?’ Remember this only works if you are clear about what you want to experience in your life. If you aren’t clear about what you want, start there, with the desire for clarity.

  • Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. No psychic is 100% accurate 100% of the time. It is possible for a psychic or medium to misinterpret information or for clients to misunderstand what they are saying. If you hear something that doesn't resonate with you you don't have to search for a deeper meaning or try to make sense of it. Let it go. If it truly is something in your highest and best interest to consider, you'll receive the information again in a different way.

  • Don’t bring a psychic to a gunfight. If you need help making a legal, financial, medical, or otherwise life-changing decision, a psychic should NOT be your first and only stop. Seeing a psychic who has expertise in the area you have questions about will more than likely bring you better guidance than seeing a psychic who has no experience in that field. If a psychic is not familiar with law or medicine, the information they give may be vague—not because they suck but because their brains don’t know how to interpret the information they are receiving. If you want to ask for legal, medical, or business advice always back up what you get from a psychic with advice from working professionals in that industry, such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.

5)   Develop your own intuition.
The people who receive the best readings are highly intuitive themselves.  There are so many books on intuition (click here for my book on Amazon) and classes and workshops all over the world.  Getting a basic understanding of intuition will help you better discern how to make decisions and actively manifest what you desire.  That means you’ll have the tools to be your own psychic!

Those are my top five tips for getting the most out of your psychic reading.  For the latest tips and tools to develop your intuition be sure to join my mailing list.