Five Signs You're Undercharging For Your Services

As an intuitive coach I work with many entrepreneurs and business professionals to help them recognize and use their intuition to create greater levels of success.  Using intuition saves time, exposes entrepreneurs to greater opportunities, and helps them generate more income. 

When you undercharge for your services you are affected by the gap between the energy you are putting out and the energy of what you're receiving.  The bigger the gap, the more we are affected in our physical bodies.  We also see reflections of the gap in our lives.  Here are the basic signs that you are undercharging for your services (especially if two or more apply to your situation):

  1. You get extremely exhausted after and/or in between meeting with clients or customers

  2. You feel overwhelmed by the high volume of clients you have to see

  3. You feel resentful or irritated that customers don’t appreciate the value of what you’re providing

  4. Customers suddenly stop coming to you

  5. You get sick more often than usual on the days when you have clients scheduled

If you are getting the intuitive nudge that you are priced too low, trust your gut.  Your intuition is always 100% correct. The longer that you continue to undercharge for your services you will begin to affect your health—this isn’t a woo-woo concept. You will be expending more time and energy than what you are receiving and become burned out.   Another side effect of undercharging is that your energy of your resentment will be so strong it will repel clients from working with you.

Have you ever given your services for free or for discounted prices only to be met with a person who argues with you, resists what you’re offering, or minimizes what you do?  Low prices attract people who have a ‘bargain shopper’ mentality—those people who want you to give them everything for next to nothing. When you price yourself correctly you will weed out people who aren’t really serious about working with you.

Your clients can afford you. Charging people for your services does not harm them.  By charging the true value your services, you’re asking your clients to respect you and your services and take responsibility for their actions.

To correctly set prices I recommend getting very clear about your Give--what you are giving to your clients and customers and why that is important.  How can you be of more service to them?  What resources would it take to give that greater level of service?  What are the positive results your clients and customers have received?  How much experience do you have doing what you do?  

When you are clear about your "Give" you can actually use your intuition to determine the right price to charge for your services or products.  To do this think of one service that you offer right now:

  1. Take deep breaths. With every breath in, imagine that white light is flowing into your heart and spreading throughout the inside of your entire body. With every breath out, imagine you are releasing fear, doubt, and confusion.

  2. Think about the service or product you are offering (if you offer multiple services, focus on just one right now.) Sit with the feeling of what it’s like to offer that service.

  3. Think of the current price you are charging for that service. As you sit with that current price pay attention to how you feel in your physical body. Do you notice any tension? Heaviness? Tiredness? Anxiety? Discomfort? Those are signs the price is too low.

  4. Add $100 (or more/less) to that price. Focus on how that feels. Did anything shift? Does that new number feel more comfortable or the same? Does the price need to go higher or lower? Trust your first impression, not the voice in your head that says “no one will pay me that!”

  5. Keep adding $100 (or more/less) to the price until it feels right in your body. This means you will feel energized, calm, peaceful, or any discomfort you felt before will vanish. If your price is too low or too high you will feel discomfort in your body.

  6. When you feel that you have the right price, repeat this exercise for any other services you’re providing.

Many of my clients who raised the prices of their services saw an increase in business almost immediately afterward. This is because their energy was finally in alignment with what they were charging.  The value of what they were receiving matched the value of what they were giving. 

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