How God Chooses Who Gets Rich (And Famous)

I once attended a workshop led by a well-known bestselling author and healer.  After a question about how he become so well-known, he answered, “if it’s meant for you to be famous or make a lot of money, Spirit will take you in that direction.” 

When he said that I could feel the energy change in the room, many of my fellow students (and me!) silently praying ‘pick me God!’ or praying 'God no, I don't want that!'  Suddenly the idea of being successful was outside of our control, Spirit deciding who among us was most worthy.  

What the healer said was true: Spirit will guide us where we're supposed to go if we’re meant to get there.  However, WE are Spirit. 

If you truly have the desire to be wealthy or famous, it is possible for you to achieve that.  This doesn't mean that you're coming from ego or that you don't care about the right things.   Your secret desires, those dreams that keep popping up in your mind over and over again, are hints from your soul about what you’re meant to experience.   When in doubt about your soul purpose, you only have to ask yourself, ‘What would I really like to experience?’

For this reason, I am convinced that very few things are pre-planned in life, especially when it comes to the amount of money a person can earn.  In the hundreds of hours of client sessions, workshops, and group readings I have done I have not had one Spirit being tell a client that they were meant to be broke or making just enough to get by.  When a client is in crisis or facing hardship, it is usually because they ignored their intuition, their direct line to God.  I have seen many people struggle because they are still waiting for the ‘sign’ that they’re worthy enough to be successful.  Instead of taking advantage of opportunities, they wait for some sort of divine rescue, not realizing that their intuition is showing them how they can rescue themselves step by step each day. 

I absolutely believe that Spirit has a plan for us.  I also believe that at any time we get to change our story and go in a different direction.  YOU get to decide your level of success.  YOU get to choose how you want to live your life.  Once you make the choice, Spirit will support you in manifesting your desire. 

Don't wait for something outside of you to decide your fate.  YOU have the power to choose.  

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