Do You Accept Hello's From Heaven?

Last week I was thinking about my grandmother who died several years ago. I was driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood and was worried about the appointment I was driving to. I prayed for my grandma to give me extra support. The next moment I saw a street sign with her maiden name on it. A strong calm feeling came over me and I knew without a doubt that my grandmother was giving me a sign (literally!) from the spirit world that she heard me and was answering my prayer.

When I deliver messages from spirit to my clients, many of the beings in heaven tell me how they are still in contact with their living friends and relatives. Those in the spirit world give us signs that they're still around us giving us love and support. Many common signs people receive include finding coins or money in odd places, suddenly smelling a scent for no reason, electronics suddenly turning on or off for no explainable reason, hearing specific songs or phrases that remind them of their loved one right when they're thinking about that person, having vivid dreams of their loved one, and/or having the sensation that their loved one is right next to them. 

Most people easily recognize when they are receiving signs from their loved ones in heaven. They get an instant knowing about who is giving them the sign. Unfortunately many people will then talk themselves out of what they experienced and try to explain away the sign. Even when there doesn't seem to be a logical explanation, some people still won't accept the sign, they begin looking for more proof and validation, saying things like, "If that was really a sign, show me another sign." 

Your loved ones in spirit try multiple times to say hello to you. Right now as you're reading this you may suddenly recall a 'weird' moment or a 'coincidence' that you may have thought was a sign. If you are recalling that moment it is validation that you did receive contact from the other side! 

People in the spirit world are very creative and can use a variety of tactics, including putting you in the right place at the right time to get a message. They can also work through others to give you messages--not just through professional mediums but through strangers, animals, clouds, insects, coworkers, and more. The more that you accept the signs as real, the easier it becomes for them to touch your heart. This means you will feel their love for you in a profound way and sense the deeper message they want to give you.

Allow yourself to believe in the signs that you're receiving from Spirit. Your loved ones are trying very hard to give them to you. 

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