Suffering Not Included: Whose Truth Are You Experiencing?

I was an accountant in the federal government when my mediumship abilities opened and I was guided to use my psychic mediumship gifts professionally.  As I transitioned from working for the federal government into becoming a professional intuitive, I met many other psychics and mediums that were brilliant in their work but struggled to make a consistent income.  What bothered me was that many of these mediums expected that they weren’t going to make a lot of money.  I also witnessed respected leaders in the industry tell healers to expect other forms of suffering, saying things like:

  • The energy of spirit is hard on the body so healers will get sick more often

  • Psychics who are serious about the work won’t find a romantic soulmate on earth because their work is too important to settle down

  • Heart-centered psychics don’t charge much for readings because they care about being of service

One day while I was meditating I had a vision of a large box wrapped in shiny paper with a big bow on top.  This was a message from Spirit, showing me a gift.  The gift moved closer to me so I could clearly see the words stamped on the side.  Written in capital letters was “SUFFERING NOT INCLUDED.”  With the vision came a clear understanding from spirit: being spiritually gifted does not mean we have to suffer.  We choose that on our own.

As I let go of other people’s expectations that mediums had to suffer, my intuitive business flourished.  After helping my clients (and myself) shift from struggling to experiencing miracles I know without a doubt that psychics, mediums, and other energy healers are the people most able to create the life that they want in the easiest way possible.  This is because they have a conscious connection to Spirit.

It is only when healers are looking at the world through someone else's vibration, someone else's truth that they struggle.  This happens when we take on pain from others--the strongest pain can come from what we experienced in our families growing up and our family's ancestral lineage.  Energetically this pain rests inside our vibration like a wet blanket--every experience we have gets filtered through someone else's belief system. 

If you're a healer, professional or not, and you are struggling with finances or in another area of your life I invite you to do the following exercise to begin releasing other people's truth from your vibration:

  1. Think of an area in your life that you may be struggling with. Get clear in your intentions. What life would you love to live instead? What do you really desire your experience to be? Be 100% honest, don't filter or judge yourself.

  2. Silently or out loud say, "Spirit reset my vibration in the highest and best way possible right now." Close your eyes and Imagine sacred light streaming into your body through the top of your head, filling you from head to toe in vibrant energy. This energy balances and harmonizes your vibration on all levels. Imagine a golden circle of light surrounding you in sacred safe space.

  3. Use your imagination to really see yourself living that life, imagine what sounds you would hear, and how you would feel. Allow yourself to be in the energy of your dreams as if you had all that you desired right now. Stay in that feeling until you really feel the joy and gratitude of your vision.

  4. Silently our out loud say, "I ask my soul to release me right now from the rules, contracts, and energies holding me back from expressing my soul truth. I am divinely loved, supported, and whole." Repeat this three times.

This simple exercise will help you begin to recognize and separate your true soul brilliance from the energy of someone else's pain.   If this resonates with you and you would like extra support in clearing energy be sure to check out my book The Success Sense available at