I had been a supervisor and financial analyst in the Federal government for 10 years into when my mediumship gifts suddenly eawakened.  The experience led me on a path to understand the nature of intuition, Spirit, and soul purpose.  I spent several giving mediumship readings and came to realize that the vast majority of my clients were very intuitive themselves but didn't know it!  They were in industries like health, beauty, corporate, entertainment, and government.  I found that by teaching them how to access their own intuition they could access the ‘missing link’ between where they were and where they wanted to be.  (Check out my testimonials!

This is why I say that being psychic is less about predicting the future and more about creating it.  


all the way up

You have a very real genius, talent, or skill that uplifts, inspires, or helps people

You have a strong calling and desire to uplift, inspire, or help people through your work and

you have the ability more than anyone else in the world to create exactly what you wish to experience in your career (and life in general).  When you know how to access your inner wisdom correctly you attract the best resources, systems, alliances, and support to help you carry out your vision.