Success Without Apology

I meet many people who are highly intuitive but aren’t clear how to use their psychic and mediumship gifts in a way that truly helps others AND allows them to make a successful living.

Becoming an intuitive coach is the answer.  As an intuitive coach I use my intuitive abilities and practical coaching experience to help entrepreneurs get results in an accelerated time frame.  After working with me my clients have successfully launched their own businesses, landed high-end clients of their own, and have even been featured in publications like Vogue and Marie Claire magazine.

The clients that I attract are highly motivated, fun to work with, and take responsibility for their own actions.  This means that I get paid the true value of my services AND I don’t get drained when I work!  My intuitive coaching business is so successful that I was able to leave my accounting job with the Federal government and do this work full time.

There are so many people, corporations, and entrepreneurs, who truly want to make a positive impact in the world yet need extra support and help to manifest their goals.  YOU are needed.  Every year I train a small number of psychics, intuitives, and mediums how to become professional intuitive coaches so that they know how to help their clients get tangible and phenomenal results.

This year’s Intuitive Coach training will begin July 14 2016 and continue through February 2017.  In this seventh month program there will be 22 meetings: 12 group lectures and 10 private one-on-one mentor sessions where I meet privately with each person to help them become strong in what they do.

The training will teach the basics of how to:

  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit and stand in your spiritual power
  • Use your own intuition to guide your clients and staff toward success in an accelerated time frame
  • Get tools to empower your clients to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Set proper boundaries to hold healing space for your clients without having to 'rescue' or 'save' them
  • Work with Spirit to dissolve and clear underlying energies keeping you, your staff, and/or clients stuck
  • Use your intuition to ‘see' obstacles before they occur so you can minimize and defuse negative situations
  • Avoid the common traps many entrepreneurs (and intuitives!) experience
  • Attract high end clients and charge correctly for services
  • Create workshops and programs to teach others how to be intuitive for themselves
  • Receive ongoing support as you take action steps outside of your comfort zone

This will be a highly interactive program where you will be expected to practice tools and techniques that you learn with your existing clients.  If you don't have current clients you will be expected to get volunteers for practicing these techniques.   

The group will meet via online webinar and/or telephone conference calls.  All webinars and phone calls will be recorded and e-mailed out to the group for those who can't attend live.